Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Road to Florida!

Well I am back home in Florida.Wife is having fun in Italy. We left Cotulla,Tx area on the 13th headed for Dallas. We were making great time and ahead of schedule when suddenly the wife smelled fuel. We were close to a truck stop so pulled in. Opening the hood revealed the fuel filter cover seemed to be leaking. A half turn on it stopped the flow of fuel. Business taken care of we were off.

Five (5) miles up the road the motor just dies. Lucky we were close to an exit. I tried a few things but to no avail. We have a very good towing service, which we called. For some reason they had a problem finding a vender that could or would tow out truck and fiver....I think they all thought they would need one of the larger trucks.

Eventually a vender shows up with a normal size truck and says no problem. He hooks us up and we were off to the Ford dealer which was like 5 miles down the road. Previous arrangements (via the our towing service) had been made with the Ford dealer A. that we could get service asap. and B if the repairs took longer we could camp on their property. Both items were agreed to by the dealership, which by the way was a huge piece of property, fenced and within walking distance of fast food.

OK so here is the deal. I thought that I had run out of fuel and lost prime. ( which means you have an air lock in the fuel line). So now they plug in the code thingy and it comes up with a sensor being bad. This was replaced. but the truck still would start but not run real well. Next they bled the fuel line.  which did have a lot of air in it. further testing by the tech. thinks that the fuel filter needed to be replaced. Asking (don't do this) the price it is $100.00 to replace it and that does not cover the filter which BTW they don't have. We are told that they would have us on the on the road by 11 am the next day. Wait, Wait..why so long well it takes an hour to replace the filter.after we get it which will be around 10am.

OK boys and girls this filter drops in... it is on top of the engine and the cover screws on..I have replaced it in less than 5 minutes.  Now go find me a filter that can be delivered by 8am (they open at 8) and we can get on the road..

We spent a very quiet night in their compound and were up and off to fast food breakfast at 8am. Returning to the dealer finds our truck at the ready line. $400.00 paid and we were back on the road...

Now Hear is the real deal...thinking back, it had been quite some time sense I had changed the filter. It became clogged and the back pressure made the cap leak. I have run fuel filters to long in the past but have never had one just stop passing fuel..Note to self ... replace the fuel filter more often...

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