Sunday, June 2, 2013

Black Water Drama..

The other bad news is we discovered that our black water tank was full and seemed to be blocked at the drain. As you know we have been abusing our RV for a while now It may be starting to show.

We had an invite from a friend in the Dallas area to leave the RV at his house. He said he could supply water and power. Sounded good to me as it was only to be for 2 days and actually the RV would basically be stored there. So now enter the blocked sewer outlet. Well this would have made it very difficult during the travels from Dallas to FL. I had to opt to check into an RV park for the two days in order to have access to a sewer dump. It took about an hour to unstop  the black tank...NOTE to self...use MORE water when flushing is what seemed to be the situation. A gob of toilet paper didn't dissolve and lodged in the throat of the outlet. it only allowed partial drainage and as the slowed flow it dammed up more and more allowing the tank to fill. This formed a plug at the top of the tank..

My black water tank has a hose connection for flushing...never leave home without this.....and i got a short piece of hose to unplug the top eventually with enough water it worked it self out.

I know that as we sit trying to conserve water and not fill the tanks they allow they have for us to dump in. Well lets just say more water in the toilet and skimp elsewhere...

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  1. Sorry you had this problem. We had guests a couple of years ago and ended up with a blockage. We ended up having to call a mobile tech to solve the problem. We always use an ample amount of water and stopped putting TP in quite a while back, although we had no issues with it when putting TP in until guests were here. Angel Soft no longer carries the label "Septic Safe," so we just don't put any in. No issues since then, thank goodness!