Monday, July 15, 2013

So Much Time ..... So Little Time

Wow another big gap in posts. Every time I think about posting something else happens and the post sadly takes the back seat.
In one of the posts I was going to buy or build a shed at the Fl "Estate". That didn't happen due to several factors the least of which cost was more than I expected. As it turns out I am moving my shed which sits now on my sons property. It is a long story but when they bought their place we bought the shed to store some of our stuff in. Well now some 5 years later we are getting it moved to our place. Supriseingly it is still in great shape only has one leak and I will fix that upon arrival here.

By the by this shed is 12 x 24 much larger than the 10 x 15t that was planed.and it comes with an air conditioner (although to small) but free is good.

In other news I have been working temp as a reset merchandiser....that is someone that changes stuff around in the stores so you never know where it is....LOL. The white shirts in big offices decide to put the things you want on the top shelf and the things you don't where you can reach them easily..and we carry out their devious plan.....While customers complain about the move..Of course we will be back next week to move another isle we leave no product un moved......

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