Friday, February 3, 2012

Adding an Airconditioner

We spent a summer in the Mojave desert, in a town called Nipton. Look it up and put it on ur bucket list. The temperatures reached near 120. Our 13500btu air conditioner tried but temps inside sometimes got to near 90 in the afternoon. I'm actually surprised that it worked at all with humidity in or near single digits.

Looking ahead to Gate guarding in the southern Texas summer, I feel that adding a second air unit is the thing to do. There are several opportunities to plan for.
1. As we are adding it to the bedroom there is a vent hole that is the required size. there wiring for 120v if yes cool. If not do I snake the wire in or do I run it externally.
3. If external wiring do I run across roof or inside across ceiling?
4. Either way I wire it, where do I tap in to get the voltage.
5. getting the unit on the roof could be an interesting thing also...need to find a very tall tree...

I.m pretty sure I will think of some other things, as the project evolves. I.m used to making 100 trips to the Home Depot.....

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  1. If you have a 5th that only has 30 amp electrical you will be wasting your time adding the second AC. Your system cannot run 2 ACs and the vent will not be wired for it and you'd be running out to the post constantly resetting the breaker if you did.

    If your system is 50 amp eleectrical chances are the front vent has already been wired for just such a thing and your system will support it.

    If you are only wired for 30 amps and your 5th is slightly older it might be easier and cheaper to replace it with a gently used unit that already has the 50 amp electric and the second AC already installed. The best time to do this is the fall season through the beginning of spring and you can find them all over on-line and reasonably priced because they want to make room for new stock.

    It's about time.