Saturday, February 4, 2012

Return Of The Rat

If you remember from a previous post my cat ran the rat (mouse) into one of the heater vents. Now several days later the cat suddenly takes great interest in this vent. Smelling and pawing at the vent for several minutes. He then backs off and assumes a crouch position. As the cat waits and watches we wait and watch also. The difference is the cat new the mouse was there we didn't.

Bam the mouse makes a break for it and the cat pounced. OK Now the cat has the mouse in his mouth. and is sitting in the middle of the camper. Knowing that the cat will drop and re-catch the mouse as part of killing it. We suddenly realize that we needed to have a plan.

First I tried to take the mouse from the cat...bad growling at me... OK so we put his leash on him and open the RV door to let him outside...another bad idea. He was having non of going outside. But as we were trying to push the cat out he dropped the mouse and the mouse SHOT out the door and his safety...and the cat returned to the vent...thing is this time we know there ain't no mouse there and he don't....


  1. Great turn of events ! Glad the rat is out.

  2. All this time I have been baiting traps, spreading moth balls and anything else I could think of to get rid of the mice. Wh knew all I had to do was open the door!!! LOL

    Glad you got rid of it :-).


  3. I'm glad, too, you got rid of yours. Think you could have that one come here to Jersey and ask if ours will come out to play? I'd be happy to open the door if that is all it would take! At least you could see yours; ours is in the freakin' ceiling/attic!

  4. Wife says that she may have herd him squeek something like "you ain't seen the last of me"!!!!!