Monday, December 3, 2012

Just When You Though The Election Was Over !!!!

And you could get back to a normal life without politics. Wrong here we are mired in controversy about deficit and tax reform. Strangly they have had over a year to rectify this situation but yet it is down to the wire.

I now hope we go over the cliff... in hopes that it will trigger a clean out of the existing congress people that have been there way to long and are not listening to what the people are asking for.

I was just watching the News story about the cop that bought the homeless guy a pair of boots. It has been said that the boots cost $100.00 not all that much for a good pair of boots.  BUT   in the homeless community you might as well have the lotto. You got boots I ain't got crap I will take them boots... The next observation was he has been homeless for over 10 years and has a brother that "says" he is welcome to come to his home at any time......Not that the act of giving the shoes is a not great thing but this guy is homeless by choice........

It is Christmas time again This year it was decided to draw names rather than gifts for all...Works for me!!!! Wait I got my son...

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